Writer's Block: Eraser dust
What is your favorite candy or dessert?


Writer's Block: Sweet tooth
What is your favorite candy or dessert?

Cheesecake brownies


lemon bars!!!

p90x hell.
I'm officially back in the game today. This morning I had an accident and hit my head hard so I had to skip the visit to the gym because I had vertigo and nausea following the incident.
But now, my workout buddy husband is kicking my ass into full gear again. What would I do without him? I was resting all weekend due to some serious fatigue issues I had ever since friday I think it was? Gross. Not cool. Even though it was nice staying in and resting, I hated feeling overworked and just full blown tired around the clock.

We're about to do shoulders and arms workout with p90x and if I'm correct, I think the ab ripper workout follows that before we call it quits for the night. Ab ripper= my favorite. Shoulders and arms= not cool. Seriously. Diamond push ups... chair pushups... all kinds of push ups.. and pull ups.. wide pullups for the worse part.... just not cool.

I threw a fit when I found out we were doing this today. That's how much I. absolutely. HATE. it.

P90X though, no doubt does it prove to do what it promises to do.. you will tone up quick and you will see results. Sadly, I've gained weight back since vacation. Man, Murphy's Pizza was the bomb. Now I'm PAYING for it!

That's my rant for now..

Some lessons learned....
Hello again...

I had to post this in regards to some interesting things I've learned as of recently. Some of these things may surprise you like they surprised me. They may not and that's perfectly normal because in this day in age, it seems like things are not made of good quality compared to the vintage days... well some things anyway..

1. Bissell Vacuums. I was given one as a hand me down gift from my grandpa a few years before he passed away as of recently. I really couldn't complain about it. It was free and it did the job good enough I think. Oh, and it was bagless... I'll get to the bagless part in a minute. Anyway, the vacuum started to make a loud LOUUUUD whistling/screaming noise and for a month or so, I ignored it, hoping it would disappear on its own. Wrong.

One day, I took it completely apart and laid everything out on the floor, plugged the vacuum cleaner back into the wall outlet and powered on. The fan blew out a poof of white powdery dust and screamed 20 times louder since the sound wasn't being absorbed by anything since I had the entire vac dissected and laid out at that moment. It was so bad my ears couldn't tolerate it for more than a second. Scared me! Bad news, the fan AND the motor are both together, enclosed in a hard metal/aluminum casing so I could NOT take the casing apart. Even if I did pry it apart, it would have probably bent the casing and voila, it's even more broken than before.

Great, I'll just call several vacuum repair shops here in town and within a 30 mile radius.
One repairman said he refuses to work on bissell vacuums if it's the fan/motor because when those things die, Bissell usually charges just about as much as they would charge for a brand new vacuum altogether since that is the main component of the vacuum. He and the other repair guys from the other shops all said this next statement: Bissell makes their vacuums as if they're disposables. Once something breaks, they want you to throw it away and buy another new one from them.

The other guys said they would repair the fan/motor BUT it would probably cost more than $50.00 when you could just buy another new vacuum near that price or use that money toward a more pricier one and get better results.

Oh, and the bagless vacuum thing I promised to talk about:
IF YOU HAVE ALLERGIES, AVOID THESE VACUUMS! We all know this... but if you're terribly allergic to dust, don't buy a bagless vac. I thought if I didn't disturb the dust when I pulled the canister out of the vac and dumped it out in the trash can, I would be okay, but I was wrong.
My airways constrict and swell this. Dust gets disturbed regardless. It made it a pain to have to dump it out after every use. If you are in love with a certain bagless vac, take the risks, but don't forget what I mentioned.

2. Investing in nearly twenty-dollar a/c home filters has its pros and cons. The more expensive it is, usually the thicker it is and the thicker it is, the harder your a/c or heater works to pull in air. BUUUUUT when you have severe year round allergies in your household, it's a must.
It is worth the money. It does work well for 3 months which is states on the wrapper to replace every 3 months, not every week like those little cheap blue filters that you have to replace like what? every week or something? Do the math! The Filtrete filter I use is seventeen-ish dollars. 3 months. That's not bad at all, but your electricity bill may be affected.

3. Invest in a 7 day programmable a/c and heater thermostat. They're easyyyyyy to install. I did it myself and just read the instructions. I even recommend one..

Writer's Block: Everybody hurts
Have you or a friend ever been bullied? How did you get through it?

Honestly growing up, I had a hard time dealing with this. I just got more tolerant and stronger. I gained more friends and they were also my support. I tried to be nice to everyone, but when I got in high school and got harassed, I had absolutely nooooo problem standing up to them.

Looking back on this, I wish I had handled this differently. Any kind of physical harassment that comes your way, you should warn the 'bad guy' once. Second time, I'd slap him across the world and maybe that would teach him something.

Now if it's verbal, who cares? just tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine and slam the door in their face! [: Talk to people who care about you that will always have your back and your best interest at heart. When you have people like that in your life, you'll not only feel safer, but you'll have someone to help you get through it even if it means they get involve too and stop the drama altogether.

Writer's Block: Dear Abby
What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten (and want to share with other LJ users)?

If your boss isn't letting you take your lunch break soon enough and your blood sugar is dropping, tell him/her you're going to the bathroom. Grab your snack(s) and possibly a drink and go to a bathroom stall and sit on the toilet.

This my friend, is called a crap nap!

Writer's Block: Crime pays
<lj-template name="qotd" id="2712" lang="en_LJ" Helllllll to the no. I think law enforcement should take the criminals' stuff and sell it for charity or to get the money back and give it to those victims who lost money due to the jerk who took it in the first place. Just Sayin!

Writer's Block: On repeat
Which song gives you goosebumps? Good or bad-- tell us why.

Blessed by Rachael Lampa

Good song. That song is the song I want played at my funeral. It was that good.
So beautiful and so deep and meaningful.

I had wanted to sing it at church in the past but never got to. It reminds me of how lucky and blessed I am to have gotten to where I am now.

Writer's Block: Life in the boob tube
What fictional television show would you want to live in? What character would you play?

Veronica Mars Tv Show. I would be Veronica Mars of course.

Anddddd Sons of Anarchy. hmm. I think I would be Tara. She and I have something in common. We both have an interest in Nursing (healthcare) and we're a lot alike at first.

Writer's Block: Happy birthday Mr. President!
What is one thing that needs to be changed in your country?

The politics, yo.


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